Cemex, MobyDick Quick 939

Location: Louisville, KY
Project: Kosmos Cement Plant

Problem Area

  • Cement Plant
  • Dust and heavy soiling on daily basis
  • Over 100 daily truck movements
High flow 2850 GPM, low pressure 40 psi at nozzles focused water flow results in clean tires


Water recycling solid settlement area 35,000 gallons, safety railing, water cannon manual wash assembly, Moby 4-inch water delivery piping.
  • MobyDick Quick 939
  • 3 Tire revolution drive through unit
  • 6 Pump – 2850 GMP system
  • 35,000 Gallon drive down solid separation and water recycling pit
Pump pit with 6 Moby pumps, low energy 7.4 HP, high flow 2850 GPM, low pressure 40 psi at nozzles.