Aggregate Vulcan Materials, MobyDick Quick 939

Location: Sun Valley, CA
Project: Landfill

Problem Area

  • Medium soiling
  • Retrofit an existing site
  • Limited space
  • 1000 daily truck movements via 3 scales
Moby lockable control house, control panels for 3 systems, DOS flocculent pump


5000 gallon Moby tank used as pump pit with existing concrete vault for solids separation and water recycling to 3 Wheel Wash Systems
  • Three 667 Quicks installed side by side with common sediment area
  • 2-Tire revolution
  • 3 Pump- 1425 gpm
  • Moby DOS flocculent
  • 5000 gallon Moby tank
  • Moby lockable control house
High flow low pressure effective cleaning